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Another re-post, this time from my personal journal.

For those who don't know, the KKM novels are currently getting translated/published in Germany. We are up to volume 7 right now, and up to volume 3 with the manga. Most fans have already heard that the anime, manga and novels are quite different in some ways - how the characters are portrayed or even in the way some events come to pass.

I thought I'd share some of those differences with you. This entry is about two things described in novel no. 5 that made my inner fangirl very happy: a closer look at the relationship between Gwendal and Conrad and a bit of additional information about Julia, Conrad and his time on Earth.

I.) Romero & Argento

I ♥ Gwendal so much! His real reason for refusing to take part in the faked suicide à la Romeo & Julia - forgive me - Romero & Argento was the fear that his mother would take them serious and force him to marry Anissina.

And his real reason for deciding to interfere anyway was the fear that Anissina would ask Conrad to take on the role of Romero, and being sure that Conrad wouldn't refuse Anissina and indeed drink the poison.

Oh, the brotherly love! *wants more Gwendal/Conrad fic now*

II.) Julia's soul, José and Conrad

I'm a bit disenchanted now with a fanfic I read a while ago, though. What I thought was a lovely idea now seems like nothing more than a retelling of events from the novel from another perspective.
It doesn't become that clear in the anime, but in the novel Julia did indeed ask of Shinou for Conrad to be the one her soul would be entrusted to. She asked for Conrad specifically! To meet that demand of her's Shinou had to make sure that Conrad survived the battle. Maybe that's also the only reason why Yozak survived - someone had to take Conrad home again.

Also, Conrad was sent to earth still wearing his uniform and not fully healed. The cut over his eye was still bleeding and he was weak from blood loss. José had to stitch the wound and put him on a drip, too.
Oh, the lovely images that creates! So much potential for hurt/comfort fic! *happy sigh* And I admit, I've wanted to read José/Conrad ever since watching that episode where we see Conrad lying on José's bed, bare-footed and in casual clothes.

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