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Title: Deviant (A story in the Balance Universe)
Author: Diorama (Aella Antiope)
Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: Yuuri Shibuya/Murata Ken/Wolfram von Bielefeld (polyfaithful relationship)
Genre: Angst, Love/Friendship
Chapter: 1 COMPLETE (3,400 words)
Warnings: Some sexual content

Summary: After a decade as Demon King Yuuri thought he knew the ugly side of mazoku society, his realisations after a argument with Wolfram showed he still had a lot to learn. A story in the “Balance Universe.”

Author’s Notes: This is set in the Balance Universe, set about six months after Balance, I'd strongly advise you read that story first, but it's not absolutely necessary.

This was betaed by harpgo, who was very helpful, but all mistakes are my own. Comments are very much appreciated.

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I thought I might post something here for the first time:

Title: Balance
Author: Diorama (Aella Antiope)
Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: Yuuri Shibuya/Wolfram von Bielefeld & Yuuri Shibuya/Murata Ken/Wolfram von Bielefeld (Threesome)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Chapter: 2 Chapters COMPLETE (14,000 words)
Warnings: Some sexual content
Summary: Five years after the royal marriage, Wolfram starts flirting with Murata. Murata is only human. How could he resist? But was ending his loneliness worth hurting Yuuri's heart or Wolfram's pride?

Author’s Notes: This is to date, my favourite story I've written in this fandom. I'm very proud of it and hope people enjoy it. This was betaed by harpgo, who was very helpful, but all mistakes are my own. Comments would be lovely :)

Story on Archive of our Own
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crossposted from my personal journal:

Although I prefer the art from the KKM anime, I love the novel illustrations and manga by Matsumoto Temari very much, too. Found this picture (beware - it's huge!) and simply can't contain my squee.

I can't decide what I like the most:

- that Shouri imagined the male main cast as females?
- or that he set them in some kind of highschool AU?
- or that he imagined Conrad as a student (!), while Gwendal and Gunther got to be the teachers?
- or that female!Gwendal looks absolutey gorgeous in a lab coat?
- or all of it? *g*

Fanservice at its best for me.

Also, does imagining Conrad as a student make him seem more attainable/approachable to Shouri? At least that's what my Shouri/Conrad shipper heart tells me.
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Another re-post, this time from my personal journal.

For those who don't know, the KKM novels are currently getting translated/published in Germany. We are up to volume 7 right now, and up to volume 3 with the manga. Most fans have already heard that the anime, manga and novels are quite different in some ways - how the characters are portrayed or even in the way some events come to pass.

I thought I'd share some of those differences with you. This entry is about two things described in novel no. 5 that made my inner fangirl very happy: a closer look at the relationship between Gwendal and Conrad and a bit of additional information about Julia, Conrad and his time on Earth.

Cut for possible spoilers. )
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Find three batches à 15 icons here at [community profile] anime_manga.

This is a re-post - to hopefully get this community started here on DW. Nothing new or exciting on offer, I'm afraid.


May. 5th, 2009 02:01 pm
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Greetings to anyone who finds this community!

If you are fans of Kyou Kara Maou or just curious and want to know more about it, then welcome and post your fics, art, questions or comments.

Note: The profile page and layout are in the process of being setup so please excuse the bareness for now.


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